Steven Tyler: Dude Looks Like An Ugly Lady (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Steven Tyler: Dude Looks Like An Ugly Lady (VIDEO)

There are some pretty crazy auditions on “American Idol”, but last night’s takes the cake!

A blonde woman walks in to audition, which turns out to be former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler dressed in drag!

The Aerosmith singer, who is a former judge on the show, showed up at the end of Thursday evening’s episode pretending to be auditioning for the show.

Tyler walked into the judge’s room and Keith Urban immediately noticed what was up and began laughing and clapping.

“What the, what?” Randy Jackson exclaimed as he looked up.

Tyler, 64, in a blonde wig, dress, and heels said in a husky voice, “My name is Pepper. I’m going to sing a song called ‘Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa, Our Love Going to Grow, Wah Wah’.

“But before I do I’m going to judge you all [bleeps] first. I like you men. The roosters may crow but the hens deliver the goods, do you know what I’m saying?”

Randy Jackson laughed, exclaiming, “Steven Tyler is in the house!”

Tyler carried on with his gag, asking, “Do I go through to Hollywood or what?”

Jackson said, “I thought it was Halloween. Has your chest grown?”

Steven Tyler then removed the socks from his bra and tossed them at the judges.

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