Trash Talkin’ Tuesday


1x1.trans Trash Talkin Tuesday

Drew Barrymore Frumpy in Maxi Skirt [The Frisky]

Rooney Mara Shares Her Future Plans [HollyWire]

Christian Dior Launches New Fashion Line Show [The Celebrity Cafe]

Lady Gaga Wants Neverland Ranch? [Right Celebrity]

Jennifer Lopez Back in a Bikini [The Blemish]

Sheryl Crow Kept Lance Armstrong’s Secret? [The Huffington Post]

Kenny Chesney Supports A Good Cause [PopCrunch]

Kate Middleton Stops Spray Tanning [CeleBitchy]

Demi Moore Spotted in Mexico [Hollywood Back Wash]

Barbara Walters Suffers Head Injury [Daily Stab]


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