Chelsea Handler Kids Ryan Seacrest About Gay Rumors (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Chelsea Handler Kids Ryan Seacrest About Gay Rumors (VIDEO)

Ryan Seacrest sat down with Chelsea Handler on Tuesday’s “Chelsea Lately” show, where the talk show host grilled Ryan on his plans to marry Julianne Hough.

Handler joked with Seacrest about needing to prove he is not gay by marrying.

The interview started off on the Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey feud, with Ryan saying he thinks there is hope they can work together.

Ryan said Nicki and Mariah have “come to work and disagreed about a thing or two, here or there, but now, today, they’re fine.”

The 38-year-old “American Idol” host said he feels sorry for country singer Keith Urban being stuck in between the two battling divas.

Chelsea then got personal, asking about Ryan Seacrest’s relationship with singer/dancer Julianne Hough.

Ryan said of his 25-year-old girlfriend, “She’s so beautiful — stunning, stunning. She is phenomenal – she is the best part of everyday.”

Chelsea then pressured Ryan about marriage, stating, “I know that you want to get married and have a family.” Asking, “Well … what’s going on?”

Seacrest quickly directed the question back to Chelsea, who quipped, “I’m not getting married, I’m not interested in that. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I’m straight!”

Ryan, who has been surrounded by gay rumors for year, laughed off Chelsea’s remarks.

American Idol‘s 12th season continues Wednesday on Fox at 8/7c.

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