Adam Lamberts Gets A Birthday Lap Dance By David Arquette!

1x1.trans Adam Lamberts Gets A Birthday Lap Dance By David Arquette!

Singer Adam Lambert was given a birthday treat he won’t soon forget on Friday, when actor David Arquette stripped down to his skivvies and gave him a lapdance.

The former “American Idol” singer will turn 31 on Tuesday and celebrated at the Hollywood club Bootsy Bellows, co-owned by the actor.

Adam Lambert went out with pals to the Hollywood hotspot and the photos from his evening out were posted online.

Adam tweeted photos of Arquette dancing for him in his underwear with the caption, “Yup…This happened.”

Arquette, who starred in “Scream” and was previously married to actress Courtney Cox, re-tweeted the lap dance photographs on his page, telling Lambert, “Happy Birthday buddy. Thanks for celebrating @BootsyBellows.”

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