Justin Bieber Smoking Weed All Day & Ruining His Goody-Goody Image?

1x1.trans Justin Bieber Smoking Weed All Day & Ruining His Goody Goody Image?

Justin Bieber is reportedly smoking marijuana all day and acting like a little brat to everyone around him.

Insiders say, “Justin doesn’t seem to care (that his career may be in jeopardy) and does whatever he wants. He doesn’t listen to anyone.”

Justin Bieber is risking tarnishing his angelic reputation as he is reportedly toking daily.

Bieber’s team have tried to sit down and talk to the teen star, but they said he won’t listen and does what he wants.

One source said of Justin, “He smokes weed all day, from the time he gets up, and orders everybody around. He’s surrounded by hangers-on who say ‘yes’ to anything he wants. There’s no supervision.”

People around the singer hope he’s just going through a phase, but worry his career could be in jeopardy.

One source said, “This could really damage his reputation if they don’t get it under control. Justin is someone young teens look up to and this kind of behavior can really hurt his career. Just look at what happened with Britney Spears.”

Some people close to Justin Bieber believe his stressful off/on romance with 20-year-old Selena Gomez is the root of the problem.

The couple, who recently reunited after another split, took a romantic vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah on a ski trip.

A source close to Justin said, “She’s been giving him a really hard time…she’s been partying without him and it drives him crazy.”

Bieber’s reps declined to comment on the rumors and his record label, Def Jam Records, also had nothing to say on the singer.

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