Lark Voorhies Is Batsh*t Crazy (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Lark Voorhies Is Batsh*t Crazy (VIDEO)

“Saved By the Bell” star Lark Voorhies is slamming rumors about her mental health in a new interview, which actually makes her look even more crazy. It’s almost painful to watch.

Voorhies’ mother previously claimed her daughter suffers from bipolar disorder, calling her “mentally ill.”

In a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight”, the 38-year-old responded to the allegations, telling host Christina McLarty that she is fine.

The former child star had this to say about her mental health, “I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry in my behalf. It’s completely fictional.”

Ummm…say what?

Lark Voorhies is then asked how she manages to remain positive in such a crazy world and replies, “It’s much like fighting … when you enlist in the Army, you get yourself physically fit, mentally fit and informational-wise fit, so it’s just the same.

“It’s like stage boot camp. You know, you put all the right elements together and you keep them going … we have to be entertainers. This is our particular angle.”

Her former “Saved By The Bell” co-star Dustin Diamond has also spoken out about his former co-star, who starred in a recent indie film called “Little Creeps” with Voorhies.

Diamond said, “The person who said ‘Hi’ to me when she first showed up on-set was not the same person at the end of the night,” he said. “It was like talking to two different people.”

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