Jennifer Lopez Suing Former Driver For Blackmail Attempt


Jennifer Lopez has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming that her former driver Hakob Manoukian threatened to “disclose sensitive and personal information that he allegedly heard while driving Lopez” unless the singer paid him $2.8 million.

Lopez is asking for $20 million in damages, which happens to be the same amount she made for her stint on “American Idol”.

J-Lo filed the lawsuit as a counter claim after Manoukian sued over being forced to resign after being berated by Lopez’s manager Benny Medina.

Lopez claims her former driver demanded $2.8 million from her, or else he would tell all on what he heard while driving the star around.

Hakob began chauffeuring Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony around in 2005 and later became their exclusive head of transportation.

The driver was there to witness the breakdown of their marriage and J-Lo’s as the singer began her hot new romance with Casper Smart.

There’s no telling all the juicy details the driver could reveal!

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