Will Ferrell’s Two-Year-Old Son Axel Tells Penis Joke (VIDEO)


It certainly sounds as if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially in Will Ferrell’s family!

The hilarious comedian revealed that his son Axel loves to tell people they have a “little penis”.

The “Campaign” actor says Axel, his third son with wife Viveca Paulin, is being encouraged by his older brothers Magnus, 8, and Mattias, 5, to insult strangers with his favorite joke.

Ferrell said he is trying to discourage the naughty behavior, but admits he finds it quite funny.

Will told “Late Show” host David Letterman, “The two-year-old unfortunately is just wandering into vulgarity – he has two big brothers, it wasn’t from me.

“I’m trying to prevent it. I’m doing everything humanly possible. I’m having a good laugh and it’s out of my hands, I can’t control it.

“He thinks it’s hilarious – and so do his brothers – to walk up to anyone, male or female, and say, ‘You have a little penis.’ He’ll get on a roll and say it over and over again.”

Will said he might use his son’s joke to have a little fun with his celebrity pals.

Ferrell stated, “My brother-in-law wants me to have a big Hollywood party and invite loads of actors, then hopefully he’ll walk up to a George Clooney type and say ‘You have a little penis’. He thinks it would be really funny.”

Letterman quipped, “Oh man, like George Clooney hasn’t heard that before”.

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