Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Romance Not Just One-Time Fling

1x1.trans Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Romance Not Just One Time Fling

1x1.trans Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Romance Not Just One Time Fling

Insiders are reporting the fling between Kristen Stewart and her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders was not just a one -time indiscretion.

Rupert’s brother-in-law claims their affair went on for months.

Sanders’ actress/model wife Liberty Ross, who plays Kristen’s mother in the Snow White movie, believes the fling began during filming last year and carried on until 2012.

Liberty noticed Kristen and her husband casting flirty glances at one another during the movie’s premiere, which fueled her suspicions there was something happening between the pair.

Liberty’s younger brother Leopold stated, “It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week.”

Liberty has reportedly forgiven her cheating husband but sources report Robert Pattinson isn’t even speaking to Kristen Stewart these days. He also moved out of their Los Angeles home they shared.

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