WTF? Man Shot By Cops After Eating Other Man’s Face (VIDEO)


Miami police are investigating a crazy guy that they were forced to shoot after he was chewing the face off another man. Zombie Apocalypse!

The naked man was spotted attacking the man on the bike path near the MacArthur Causeway. One source claims the man had bitten off the victim’s nose and eyeballs.

Police responded to a 911 call about two naked men fighting on a bike path along the Causeway, which was jammed with traffic due to the busy holiday weekend.

An officer arrived to witness the gruesome scene of the man chowing down on the victim’s head. He ordered him to stop, but the man only growled and went back to his meal.

The naked psycho refused to obey the officer’s orders and the cop was forced to continue shooting until the attacker was dead.

Paramedics arrived to take the victim to Jackson Memorial Hospital. A source said was unrecognizable with virtually no face left after the attack.

Here is the news video of the gruesome incident:

Here’s the surveillance video (bike path on left of screen)

The surveillance video shows the two men lying nude with one man motionless, but the victim can be seen with his legs flailing as his face is being chewed.

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