Will Ferrell’s “Tight Pants” On Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Will Ferrell appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and did a silly skit all about his tight britches.

Ferrell had on a funny wig and shook his booty as he sang, “Everybody’s talking about my tight pants. I’m the only guy in town wearing tight pants!!”

Will danced as he showed off the bulge in his pants, before Jimmy Fallon came out from behind the stage curtain wearing a similar outfit as they battled it out over tight pants.

“Now you listen to me you sick son of a bitch,” said Ferrell. “I don’t know who you are or where you came from but I’m the only one in this town that can wear tight white pants. You got it? I will END YOU. Don’t wake the snake.”

Check out the video and be warned this stupid song will get stuck in your head!

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Images: wenn.com