HollyWeird News

1x1.trans HollyWeird News

1x1.trans HollyWeird News

President Obama Used to be a Ladies’ Man? [The Frisky]

Julia Roberts and George Clooney Team Up for a Lawsuit [HollyWire]

Victoria Beckham Abandons Son? [Right Celebrity]

Lifetime Unveils New Logo [The Celebrity Cafe]

YouTube Bans Kate Upton Video [The Blemish]

Quirky Places to Retire [The Huffington Post]

Rihanna Joins Cast of ‘Fast and the Furious?’ [PopCrunch]

Hottest Celebrity Twitter Photos [Hollywood Back Wash]

Kate Moss Donates Topless Photo for Raise Money for Charity [Daily Stab]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Talk Marriage [Radar Online]


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