Dennis Quaid’s Wife Kimberly Withdraws Divorce Petition

1x1.trans Dennis Quaids Wife Kimberly Withdraws Divorce Petition

1x1.trans Dennis Quaids Wife Kimberly Withdraws Divorce Petition

“What to Expect When You’re Expecting” actor Dennis Quaid and his wife of almost 8 years are giving their marriage another try.

Kimberly Buffington-Quaid filed for divorce from the actor two months ago but formally withdrew the petition on April 26 in Texas.

The nonsuit paperwork filed did not state any reason for the reconciliation but an insider reveals Kimberly had a change of heart after they got together to talk.

“They have an explosive relationship but they do love each other,” the source explained. “They are rethinking the divorce and seeing if they can actually make it work.”

“It’s been a difficult path for both of them, but they don’t want to make a mistake and divorce,” the source adds. “Ultimately, they want to try and make things work, not just for the sake of the kids, but because they both still have very strong feelings for one another.”

Dennis and his third wife Kimberly are parents to five-year-old twins, Zoe and Thomas, who were born via gestational carrier in 2007.

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