Rihanna Debuts Dark Rocker Chick Hair

1x1.trans Rihanna Debuts Dark Rocker Chick Hair

1x1.trans Rihanna Debuts Dark Rocker Chick Hair

Rihanna has ditched her blonde hair color and has gone back to her dark hair, but with a twist.

The singer gave her Twitter followers a peek at her new look with an Instagram photo of three different poses.

Rihanna captioned the post, “Cuz I’m black bi*ch,” showing off her black hair that was shaved on one side.

A fan commented that the singer’s new look was similar to her former Mohawk style, but Rihanna replied, “I was missing she, but I aint ready to chop ha.”

Rihanna has always played around with dramatic hair changes. She has had jet-black hair, fiery red, and debuted blonde locks most recently.

The singer is currently in Japan to promote her new movie “Battleship”. She tweeted about her first night there, writing, “#JETLAGGED so I’m up watching TV…..all in Japanese!”

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