Hell Yeah! “Magic Mike” Trailer Finally Released (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Hell Yeah! Magic Mike Trailer Finally Released (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Hell Yeah! Magic Mike Trailer Finally Released (VIDEO)

Finally a movie for all the ladies! Talk about some eye candy in this film!

“Magic Mike” is a flick loosely based on actor Channing Tatum’s real-life time as a stripper.

The sexy guys in the film include Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, “True Blood” hunk Joe Manganiello, Alex Pettyfer, and Adam Rodriguez.

Last fall, Joe revealed they had a pop star’s choreographer help them learn their sexy moves.

Manganiello said, “Channing’s on another level, dance-wise, but he didn’t necessarily teach us. We had some people for Britney Spears’ choreography team teach us our moves. Body rolls, some hip stuff.”

“Everybody in the cast can really move. They can all carry off the moves, but nobody takes themselves seriously [off set],” the actor added. “We had a ton of fun. It felt like an ‘Animal House’ vibe — just a bunch of degenerate guys running around, causing trouble.”

“Magic Mike” hits theaters on June 29 (we can’t wait).

But, here’s the movie’s trailer to tide you over!

Channing Tatum in “Magic Mike”

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