Terrence Howard Ordered To Pay $50,000 To Estranged Wife

1x1.trans Terrence Howard Ordered To Pay $50,000 To Estranged Wife

1x1.trans Terrence Howard Ordered To Pay $50,000 To Estranged Wife

Actor Terrence Howard has been ordered to pay his estranged wife a temporary support payment of $50,000 until they can work out a divorce settlement.

Michelle Ghent filed for divorce in February, weeks after their first wedding anniversary.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered the actor to pay the cost of his estranged wife’s living expenses until they can agree on a settlement.

He has thirty days to cough up the $50,000.

Howard’s divorce has already turned really ugly, with Michelle claiming he punched her and threatened to throw her off a balcony.

Terrence said his wife’s accusations have had a negative effect on his acting career, making it hard to get work.

Terrence denies her abuse claims and stated, “I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor.”

Howard said he has only made $60,000 for his last film project, which wrapped in September.

It looks like he can kiss all but $10,000 of that goodbye now after today’s court order.

The actor said that Michelle yelled at him saying she never wanted to “marry a ni**er in the first place”.

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