Snooki Explains Term “DTF” To Jeff Bridges & Jay Leno (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Snooki Explains Term DTF To Jeff Bridges & Jay Leno (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Snooki Explains Term DTF To Jeff Bridges & Jay Leno (VIDEO)

“Jersey Shore” star Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki made an appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and explained to actor Jeff Bridges and host Jay Leno the acronym “DTF” means.  See the cute video of Snooki’s interview here!

Snooki was talking about her new fragrance she is releasing, but said she didn’t go the pickle scent.  Instead she chose something “flirty and bubbly” like herself “and obviously something DTF.”

Leno must not tune into “Jersey Shore” because he had no clue what DTF meant.  So Snooki explained to both guest Jeff Bridges and Leno that it meant “down to f**k.”

Snook’s proud father was in the audience so Jay took a moment to ask if his daughter ever embarrassed him. Polizzi replied, “Oh yeah, you got about an hour.”

Here’s Snooki’s interview on Jay Leno:

Even if you really want to hate the reality show “Jersey Shore”, it somehow draws sucks you in!  And Snooki is very entertaining and has even won the heart of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who did a segment on her for Ridiculist.

Check it out here:

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