Selma Blair Says Post-Pregnancy Body Is “A Mess Of Jell-O”

1x1.trans Selma Blair Says Post Pregnancy Body Is A Mess Of Jell O

1x1.trans Selma Blair Says Post Pregnancy Body Is A Mess Of Jell O

Actress Selma Blair, who just gave birth six weeks ago, said she is ready to get back to working out and claims her body is “a mess of Jell-O”.  We think she looks gorgeous!

Selma, 39, welcomed her first child, Arthur Saint, just six weeks ago and said she hasn’t lost a pound yet.

Blair told E! Online, “I’m relying on beautiful clothes to mask what is happening to my body. And no, I haven’t lost any baby weight yet. I’m only six weeks after birth, [but] now I’m at the point where I can exercise, so I will. I will start Pilates again and Bodyline, and I have a trainer.”

Selma said she is also considering designing a clothing line for new mothers.

“It’s the next thing I want to do,” Selma revealed, “It’s that difficult time between giving birth and getting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. I am finding nothing fits me any more. Plus, I don’t have any time to go out shopping for clothes.”

Check out these recent photos of new-mom Selma Blair.  We think she looks great!

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