New Mexico State Police Officer Caught Having Sex On Duty (VIDEO)


Wow! This cop brings the term “spread ’em” to a whole new meaning.  A New Mexico State Police Officer was caught on camera having sex in broad daylight in his full uniform. Check out the news video here!

The New Mexico State police officer may lose his badge after being caught by a security camera having sex on the hood of a car during the day while on duty.

The surveillance camera had been set up to monitor the parking lot of a remote ranch in Sante Fe after several vandalism incidents in the area.

The officer, who was identified as Bert Lopez, is shown on the video going at it and didn’t even bother to take off his utility belt. And if you look closely, you can see a little chihuahua has a front row seat to all the action!

The still shots from the security video show officer Lopez in full uniform banging some chick on the hood of a black Honda sedan.

State police officials said Lopez has been put on administrative leave, saying, “The internal affairs investigation is complete, now we are awaiting a final decision on any disciplinary action that could be taken”.

While the officer is still unnamed, sources say the officer once served on ex-Governor Bill Richardson’s security team.

Check out the news coverage of the officer:

Wow…this officer goes far and beyond the call of duty!

It seems the citizens interviewed were disgusted by the officer’s actions. We feel he has a right to remain sexy!

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