Oklahoma Mom Kills 10-Day Old Baby Girl In Washing Machine (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Oklahoma Mom Kills 10 Day Old Baby Girl In Washing Machine (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Oklahoma Mom Kills 10 Day Old Baby Girl In Washing Machine (VIDEO)

This is so disgusting and sad.   The body of a 10-day-old baby girl was discovered inside a washing machine on Thursday evening.   Read more on the horrific murder of this tiny baby below.

A ten-day-old baby named Maggie May died after being put in a washing machine by her mother Lindsey Fiddler in Oklahoma.

The newborn’s mother put her daughter into the washing machine with a pile of laundry.   Baby Maggie was in the washing machine for around 40 minutes before the tragedy was discovered.

A relative came to see Lindsey Fiddler and found her passed out and the baby missing.   She heard an odd sound coming from the washer and discovered the baby’s body mixed in with clothes.

In the 911 call, dispatchers heard Fiddler, 26, saying, “My baby is dead.”     She is then heard arguing with her aunt, Rhonda Coshatt, who discovered the baby who said, “No I did not kill your baby, you did.”

Police have charged Fiddler with second degree manslaughter after initially arresting her on drug charges.

Members of the family had been worried about Fiddler because of her past drug use.   They attempted to have her her parental rights revoked before the birth of her third child.

Lindsey had been arrested in April for taking drugs when she was four months pregnant.   The young mother is reportedly addicted to crystal meth and was on the drug the night her baby daughter died.

Fiddler’s two other boys, aged four and three, were taken by social workers.

The baby’s father, Benjamin Trammel, said he can’t believe Lindsey intentionally killed their daughter.

See the video of the horrific accident below:

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