Kat Von D Keeps Us Guessing!!

1x1.trans Kat Von D Keeps Us Guessing!!

1x1.trans Kat Von D Keeps Us Guessing!!

Is Kat Von D still with Jesse James or did she dump him for her former boyfriend Nikki Sixx?   Read more on Kat Von D below.

Sources recently stated that Kat Von D had dumped Jesse James and that she was back with Nikki Sixx.   But Kat is shutting down that rumor after making out with Jesse James on Saturday during lunch.

Jesse James and LA Ink star Kat Von D reportedly split earlier this month and she was said to have reunited with her former boyfriend, rocker Nikki Sixx.

But Kat Von D put that rumor to rest after getting cozy with Jesse James during lunch at Mexican restaurant El Compadre this weekend.

Eyewitnesses said Kat and Jesse talked and kissed during their lunch date.

“I wish people realized how much more interesting their own lives are instead of focusing on the FALSITY of rumors,” Kat wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday.

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