SNL’s “Debbie Downer” Rachel Dratch Gives Birth To Son Eli (VIDEO)

1x1.trans SNLs Debbie Downer Rachel Dratch Gives Birth To Son Eli (VIDEO)

1x1.trans SNLs Debbie Downer Rachel Dratch Gives Birth To Son Eli (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live’s Rachel Dratch welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday.   Read more on Rachel Dratch’s happy baby news below!

Rachel Dratch, known for her hilarious character “Debbie Downer”, welcomed a son named Eli on Tuesday in New York.

Dratch, 44, welcomed her first child at a Manhattan hospital and is said to be doing great.

“She’s doing great and the baby’s doing great,” her rep states. “She’s healthy and really happy!”

Rachel said her pregnancy had a “crazy story” behind it but she doesn’t seem to want to share it!

“I’ve always been kind of private,” Dratch said. “So then I’m like, “˜Why do I need to tell people?’ I would want to know but”¦”

Here’s Rachel Dratch as “Debbie Downer”:

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