NCIS Actor Sean Murray Welcomes Second Child

1x1.trans NCIS Actor Sean Murray Welcomes Second Child

1x1.trans NCIS Actor Sean Murray Welcomes Second Child

Actor Sean Murray, who plays the role of Special Agent Tim McGee on NCIS, and his wife Carrie have welcomed a second child.   Read more on Murray’s baby news below.

Sean Murray and wife Carrie welcomed a baby boy on Thursday.

Baby River James Murray was born at 9:46 p.m. April 22 in Los Angeles, weighing in at 7 lbs., 11 oz., and measuring 20 in. long.

River will join big sister Caitlyn Melissa, age 3.

“Carrie and I are pretty Zen’d out right now,” Murray, 32, stated. “[But we know] our 3-year-old will bring us back to reality soon enough!”

Sean Murray and Carrie, 34, a teacher, married in 2005.

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  1. I think Sean was raised in Australia, in Coffs Harbor, NSW, so it makes sense that he might pick an Australian name for a child. The river is commonly called the “Mighty Murray,” which might end up being an apt nickname.

  2. I was just wondering is it me or does it seem as if Sean has lost alot of weight to the point that he might be sick and that we don't know it, or did he diet and lose it with exercise. Either way i watched tonite for the first time in a while and it seemed as if he had lost a tremendous amount of weight. Maybe my eyes are tricking me. I hope not. I really enjoy watching him, and like the banter back and forth between him and Michael Weatherly.

  3. he is shockingly thin now, no muscle mass either. either sick or on drugs. people that think a man becomes total skin and bones on purpose are naive, sorry. he would not be the first whom sudden fame has taken down in Hollywood.

  4. Actually he's not sick. He's really dead and his body was taken over by zombies whose own bodies were no longer staying in tact. His body should be good for the rest of this season,(if he stays out of sunlight), but then the zombie will have to look for a new body. Hope he picks Nancy Grace.

  5. I agree – he look sickly. It really is to the point that they need to address it with his character because it's obvious something is not right. He looks manorexic! It not only makes him look years and years younger but makes him seem tired and lacking that 'zing' of excitement/passion Mcgee always had. It's like his energy has been sapped right out of him.

  6. Melinda

    I've noticed lately McGee has been wearing that awful trenchcoat thing. I think Murray is doing it to try to disguise just how much weight he has lost. He looks awful and as someone said, like he has cancer. I had cancer and I've seen people in last stage who looked just like him. I hope someone talks some sense into him and he stops before he disappears completely. Personally, I think he's anorexic.

  7. Geez people…..leave the poor man alone! So he lost a significant amount of weight but really he doesn't appear to be sick. As long as he is healthy and happy with himself it's none of anyone's business. I personally think he was quite handsome before the weight loss just as he still is now after the weight loss. Everyone needs to stop with the drug and anorexia accusations. Just because someone in hollywood loses weight doesn't mean they are on drugs.
    He's an awesome actor…..I absolutely love the sweet character of McGee that he plays.

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