Kendra Wilkinson Crying At Super Bowl

1x1.trans Kendra Wilkinson Crying At Super Bowl

1x1.trans Kendra Wilkinson Crying At Super Bowl

Kendra Wilkinson was reportedly so upset that her hubby Hank Baskett’s team, the Indianapolis Colts, lost Sunday’s Super Bowl that she was photographed crying with her baby in her arms. Read more on this story below.

Kendra’s husband   Hank Baskett had his hands on the ball during the game but let it bounce away, in one of the biggest blunders during the game.

Wilkinson, 24, was photographed sobbing, but she wrote on Twitter that it wasn’t because of the “damn game”; it was because the paparazzi kept bothering her.

Kendra had little baby Hank dressed in a Colts jersey and stated, “I’m using my whole life savings on a VIP box because we want little Hank to be there for his first game and for that special time. We also have baby headphones for him to wear.”

But the Colts ended up losing to the New Orleans Saints with a score of 31-17.

Kendra had big plans if the Colts won revealing, “When the Colts win, there’s gonna be a parade in Indianapolis,” she told E! “We’re gonna hit up the parade “¦ and then have a lot of sex!”

Hopefully Kendra wasn’t too upset to give her man some sympathy sex. Losers need love too!

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  1. I am so upset that she was so upset and that people make a bigger deal than it already is. I am sure it was hard for her to watch her man and his team not win the game and then she could not even get any peace. I think she handled the situation way better than I would have. I just love Hank and Kendra and I hope that people back off and give them some peace.

  2. I am so sad that people feel the need to be so tacky and invade other people's space and privacy. We all have bad days and melt downs and she is allowed to have both and allowed to have them in peace. I think we the public think we have a right to know everything – I myself feel lucky and happy that they choose to share their lives with us… You cry if you want to and don't make any apologies for any of it Kendra that is your man and your life.

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  4. im sure thats all she wants to do anyway is have sex all the itme.. nasty skank.. who cares about Kendra, she couldnt find a mandingo on that celebrity rao show so she went elsewhere.. smdh!!

  5. She's dumber than a doornail and so uninteresting, frankly, I'd rather watch paint dry. As for using all her life savings for the VIP box — liar!!!

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