Sex Scandal Prompts David Letterman’s Wife Regina To Want Divorce!

1x1.trans Sex Scandal Prompts David Lettermans Wife Regina To Want Divorce!

1x1.trans Sex Scandal Prompts David Lettermans Wife Regina To Want Divorce!

David Letterman’s sex scandal details have outraged and hurt his wife Regina. Sources are reporting that Regina Lasko Letterman now wants a divorce.   Read more on this story below!

It is being reported that David Letterman’s “sexcapades” with his former co-workers has started a major war between David and his wife Regina. Sources close to the star say this will be a really ugly $300 million war!   Of course Letterman has apologized to his wife Regina on his talk show, but the damage may already be done.

Regina and David lived together for many years before finally marrying March 19, 2009. They are now fighting over custody of their son Harry, 6, and Letterman’s property holdings.

“It’s become a real battle,” revealed a Late Show insider.

“Regina is humiliated, and she wants to get even with David for his public admission he cheated on her repeatedly during their 23-year relationship.”

Letterman shocked his viewing audience when he confessed on-air to having sex with former female employees and the blackmail attempt.

Later more details began emerging such as Letterman’s “love nest” above the Ed Sullivan theater. One source even said Letterman liked to have a girl parade around with pom-poms acting like she was a cheerleader.

Letterman has his own production company called Worldwide Pants. In addition to this he has real estate and his yearly income is over $45 million.

Regina is said to be “mortified” after learning David carried on sexual relationships with a number of his female staffers, which included Stephanie Birkitt and Holly Hester.

Birkitt, now 34, was the live-in girlfriend to CBS’ “48 Hours” producer Robert “Joe” Halderman, 51, the man who attempted to extort $2 million from Letterman.

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