Andrew Shue & Amy Robach Engaged! (Photos)

1x1.trans Andrew Shue & Amy Robach Engaged! (Photos)

1x1.trans Andrew Shue & Amy Robach Engaged! (Photos)

Former Melrose Place hunk Andrew Shue and the Today show’s Amy Robach are engaged!   Read more on Shue and Robach’s engagement below!

Andrew Shue and Amy Robach are both recently divorced.

Andrew Shue, 42, had been married to floral designer Jennifer Hageney since 1994. And Amy Robach, 36, was married to Tim McIntosh.   Both Shue and Robach had been separated from their former spouses for about a year and started dating this spring after friends set them up.

In April, Shue and Robach were spotted walking hand-in-hand on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, laughing and kissing.

The couple became engaged last week, the source says. “They’re both very happy.”

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