Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler’s Huge Fight – Police Called!!

1x1.trans Travis Barker & Shanna Moaklers Huge Fight   Police Called!!

1x1.trans Travis Barker & Shanna Moaklers Huge Fight   Police Called!!

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler had a big fight over custody of their children on Monday, and resulted in the police being called. Read more on this story below.

The problem reportedly occurred when Travis was to return the children to Shanna’s home in Rhode Island. But the problems began when Barker met her with the children.

A source stated, “He started screaming and wouldn’t leave the kids with her.”

But Travis Barker explained via Twitter:

“Would u leave your kids at a house where a child molesters(Rick Sinnott) car was present? Me neither. The REAL reason the cops were involved yesterday.”

Rick Sinnott is said to be Shanna’s uncle, an alleged convicted child molester (according to Travis), and he understandably doesn’t want his children to be around Sinnott. So Travis was pissed when he saw Sinnott’s car at Shanna’s home and didn’t want to leave the children with her.

The couple had recently modified their custody agreement by allowing Travis take the kids on the road while he was on tour with his band Blink 182, but apparently things are still not running smoothly.

“Officers were dispatched to that address about an hour ago,” Barrington, R.I., Police Sgt. Tim Harrington stated.

“Travis wouldn’t leave because he wanted Shanna to let his nanny stay with her and the kids, but she refused,” the insider says. “When Travis refused to go, Shanna called the police. They gave Travis a choice: Leave or get arrested. So he left. But he wasn’t happy. He’s already twittered about Shanna.”

Travis has written about his ex-wife and how she raises the children. Travis recently tweeted:

“My babies [sic] mama is a pile of sh*t,” he Tweeted.

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