Arturo Gatti Strangled With Purse Strap In His Sleep By Wife Amanda Rodrigues (Photos)

1x1.trans Arturo Gatti Strangled With Purse Strap In His Sleep By Wife Amanda Rodrigues (Photos)

1x1.trans Arturo Gatti Strangled With Purse Strap In His Sleep By Wife Amanda Rodrigues (Photos)

Brazilian police have charged the wife of boxing champ, Arturo Gatti, with her husband’s murder. Amanda Rodrigues apparently strangled her husband with her purse strap while he was sleeping. Read more on this story below.

Amand Rodrigues, 23, was arrested on Sunday after admitting she used the strap of her purse to strangle the former boxing champ in his sleep..

Police had detained Rodrigues as a suspect because of contradictions in her account of her husband’s death when she was questioned. Investigators said she was “inconsistent and incoherent.”

Rodrigues had no explanation as to how she spent almost 10 hours in the room without noticing that Arturo Gatti was dead.

Amanda’s purse was found stained with blood in their hotel room at the luxurious Porto de Galinhas resort in northeastern Brazil, where the couple was on vacation.

Rodrigues originally stated to police that she woke up Saturday morning to tend to their 1-year-old baby, and Gatti, 37, was still asleep in the living room.

She said she checked on him three hours later and discovered he was dead, she claims, and then called police.

But Police said Gatti was dead for at least 10 hours before Rodrigues claimed to have noticed.

The couple allegedly went to a bar on Friday night and had an argument. Amanda Rodrigues claims Gatti got drunk, hit her, and pushed her to the floor.

She allegedly showed police elbow and chin injuries from the fight.

Witnesses said the couple was still fighting when they returned from the bar early Saturday morning.

Acelino “Popo” Freitas, a four-time world champion Brazilian boxer and good friend of Gatti’s had told Globo TV that the boxer and his wife “were having some sort of problem and were about to separate.”

The couple’s young son, is now with Rodrigues’ sister.

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