Ryan O’Neal Wants To Marry Farrah Fawcett (Photos)

1x1.trans Ryan ONeal Wants To Marry Farrah Fawcett (Photos)

1x1.trans Ryan ONeal Wants To Marry Farrah Fawcett (Photos)

After being together for decades, Ryan O’Neal is considering marring his longtime love, Farrah Fawcett. Read more on their love story below.

Ryan O’Neal has said he would like to marry his longtime partner, Farrah Fawcett.

“I would do that,” O’Neal stated when asked if he had thought of marrying Farrah. “She’s still a little bit hesitant. I’m working though, I’m working.”

Ryan says their past relationships have kept them from getting married.

“You know she’s been married, I’ve been married,” O’Neal said. “She’s said, ‘we have a good thing.’ But I said ‘you said that 30 years ago, shouldn’t there be a sea change?’ Maybe there is, you never know.”

Farrah’s Story, a documentary chronicling Farrah’s fight with cancer, premiered last night in Los Angeles.

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