Lady Gaga Talks About Sex & Men (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Lady Gaga Talks About Sex & Men (VIDEO)

1x1.trans Lady Gaga Talks About Sex & Men (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga shows her sassy side in this video interview.   Gaga talks about sex, fame, men, and the possibility of marriage one day.   See Lady Gaga’s interview below.

Lady Gaga has always been quite open about many aspects of her life and views.

Now Gaga has a new video raising eyebrows that addresses the paps, sex, violence, and revenge.

In the video, Lady Gaga is shown being knocked from a balcony by her lover, leaving her paralyzed in a wheelchair. She then recovers to seek her revenge by poisoning him. Should be interesting!

Lady Gaga’s interviews are always interesting and here’s one that doesn’t disappoint!


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