Campbell Scott & Kathleen McElfresh To Marry (Photos)

1x1.trans Campbell Scott & Kathleen McElfresh To Marry (Photos)

1x1.trans Campbell Scott & Kathleen McElfresh To Marry (Photos)

Actor Campbell Scott will be marrying actress Kathleen McElfresh in June. Read more on their relationship below.

Campbell says he and Kathleen have dated for years and are ready to take the walk down the aisle.

“We’ve been dating almost two years,” he stated at the premiere of Handsome Harry.

The couple met while working, “I was in a one-man play, so I was very lonely,” he said on the red carpet, holding hands with McElfresh. “Kathleen was in a play by the same author, but with a real cast. I just ended up with the cast one night, so we started talking.”

But Kathleen has a different take on their meeting, “I saw him and I had a crush on him. He’s not going to tell you that, but I saw him and I was like, ‘I have a crush on him. I’m going to talk to him.’ And then I did,” she told People.

“And she did, thank God,” Scott, 47, said smiling.

Campbell Scott and Kathleen McElfresh plan to marry in an intimate ceremony in Florida in June.

Scott has a son, Malcolm, from his first marriage.

Congrats to Campbell and Kathleen!

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