Tonya Harding Wedding Sex Tape Back In The News (Photos)

1x1.trans Tonya Harding Wedding Sex Tape Back In The News (Photos)

1x1.trans Tonya Harding Wedding Sex Tape Back In The News (Photos)

So why is Tonya Harding back in the news? Well Tonya Harding was on “Total Recall” on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel Tuesday night obviously to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the incident with fellow skater, Nancy Kerrigan. And also Tonya Hardings “wedding night video” aka sex tape is back in the news. We’ve provided a link if you have the stomach for it! Yucky!

It seems in poor taste to “celebrate” the 15th anniversary of poor Nancy Kerrigan’s beating before the 1994 Olympic Games.

You remember Harding had her ex-husband and bodyguard hired Shane Stant to whack Nancy Kerrigan on her knee to force her out of the competition. Harding had won that event but was later found guilty.

Former US figure skating champion Tonya Harding is not only known for her dirty deeds to Nancy Kerrigan but also infamous for her sex video with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. Their “Wedding Video” was created in the 90’s and published by Penthouse in 1994. You can view the Tonya Harding wedding night video sex tape here.

After Tonya’s skating career ended, she later started professional boxing after appearing on the Fox TV network Celebrity Boxing show in 2002. But Harding dropped out of boxing in 2004.

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