Sheyla Hershey 38 KKK Breasts (Photos)

1x1.trans Sheyla Hershey 38 KKK Breasts (Photos)

1x1.trans Sheyla Hershey 38 KKK Breasts (Photos)

Sheyla Hershey wasn’t happy with her “small” FFF boobs, so decided to go for 38 KKK’s. Read more on Sheyla Hershey below and more importantly see more photos below!

Sheyla Hershey already had huge boobs with her FFF’s she had gotten in Texas. But Sheyla decided she wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records so she decided to accomplish that goal by gettting the world’s biggest breasts!

But only problem, even with the saying “everything is bigger in Texas”, they refused to do the surgery and make her breasts larger with implants.

The Texas doctors advice was not acceptable to Sheyla Hershey so she did a little research and found out that law didn’t apply to Brazil. So Hershey flew to Brazil and had the surgery for her 38 KKK size boobies!

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View video of Sheyla Hershey and her huge tits below:

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  1. Only fags think this is gross. Granted I wouldnt want her as my wife…but to fuck her and handle (or attempt to handle) those sexy monster breasts…YES PLEASE!!!!

  2. STUPID Woman…

    If you not happy of what your body is naturally capable of, Then your Just OCD problem's will increase.

    People are just F'n Retarded.


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