SNL Primetime Thursday Night Live (Video)


Thursday night’s Primetime SNL covered it’s special election program. “Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend Update,” had both an opening skit and a longer verision of “Weekend Update.” Many of the same great characters were featured on Thursday’s SNL which included Chris Parnell, Darrell Hammond, Fred Arisen, Amy Poehler, and special guest and former SNL star, Bill Murray. See SNL Thursday videos below.

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SNL’s Thursday night Primetime election special started with a skit on Tuesday night’s presidential debate. With Chris Parnell as Tom Brokaw, Darrell Hammond as John McCain, and Fred Armisen as Barack Obama..

Lat night had a special guest, and former SNL castmate, Bill Murry, as an audience member with a question.

The “Weekend Update” spoof had it’s regular Amy Poehler and Seth Myers, Kenan Thompson as the financial expert, and Will Forte and Armisen as the 80’s singers, Hall and Oates.

Presidential Debate video with special guest Bill Murray:

Weekend Update SNL Thursday video:

Hall and Oates SNL Thursday night video:

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