Will Arnett & Amy Poehler Having Baby Soon: Amy Poehler Leaving SNL (Photos)


Amy Poehler, 36, and husband Will Arnett, are expecting their first child after five years of marriage. Poehler is an Emmy Award-nominated comedienne on Saturday Night Live, and actress. In 2008, Poehler starred in the film Baby Mama. But Amy Poehler has said she will be leaving Saturday Night Live in November.

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Amy Poehler is married to Will Arnett, of the FOX comedy Arrested Development, and had a recurring role in the series as the nameless wife of Arnett’s character George Oscar “G.O.B.” Bluth II. You might remember Poehler and Arnett in the oddly incestuous brother-sister ice skating team in the 2007 film Blades of Glory.

Poehler and Arnett have been married for five years and are expecting their first child together this year.

Amy Poehler is well-known for her Saturday Night live skits, but has also acted in films, the most recent being “Baby Mama”. Poeher stars as Angie Ostrowski-a surrogate mother for the child of Kate Holbrook played Tina Fey, a successful single businesswoman.

But Amy Poehler has decided to leave Saturday Night Live, and says she will not be returning after her maternity leave.

“It’s gonna be really hard “” Boyz II Men hard “” to say goodbye to yesterday,” she says. “SNL was dangerous, late-night, last-minute and star-studded, but like any good drug, you need to know when to put it down.”

But Poehler isn’t quitting, she has signed on for the upcoming NBC “Office” spinoff, which will air this next year.

“I can kind of confirm that I will be working in some capacity on that show,” she said in July. “I don’t really have any other details yet.”

Poehler is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for SNL.

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