Drunk Man Has Sex With Toyota 4Runner (Video)

1x1.trans Drunk Man Has Sex With Toyota 4Runner (Video)

1x1.trans Drunk Man Has Sex With Toyota 4Runner (Video)

Damn! Now you guys can say you’ve seen it all! Toyota 4Runners are very attractive vehicles, but not sure how sexy they are! Well, this drunk guy in San Antonio, TX decided the Toyota really turned him on and proceeded to have sex with it, all caught on video.

Whoah, this is just so crazy but a must see! This guy in San Antonio, TX makes out with an innocent Toyota 4Runner in broad daylight, and it was all caught on tape.

The drunk man had his way with the Toyota, and was later arrested by police. Check out the drunk guy having sex with the Toyota 4Runner video below. If you are easily offended by sex with vehicles, then please do not watch!

Think I might know this guy…

Here we go:

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