Rad Girls (Photos & Video)

1x1.trans Rad Girls (Photos & Video)

1x1.trans Rad Girls (Photos & Video)

The Rad Girls are like the female version of the guys on “Jackass”. See the ladies, and we use that term loosely, in their disgusting video below.

1x1.trans Rad Girls (Photos & Video) 1x1.trans Rad Girls (Photos & Video) 1x1.trans Rad Girls (Photos & Video)

The Rad girls are three girls that seem to enjoy being as disgusting and vile as possible.

The Rad Girls seem to enjoy experimenting and testing limits, and are now beginning to take over the internet.

The “Rad Girls” show is on the network Fuse TV and has moved to MavTV. The show is basically a female version of MTV’s Jackass, but with chicks.

Ramona Cash, Munchie, and Darling Clementine do stunts that involve being naked, body excretions, and just gross stuff.

Their real names, according to their Myspace profiles, have been revealed to be Rachel (Ramona), Audra (Clementine), and Lindsay (Munchie).

Ramona, Clem, and Munchie all hail from Santa Cruz, CA. The girls started up their show to show off its “beauty” they stated.

Santa Cruz did not want to be shown in a “bad light” so instead of filming in Santa Cruz they ended up filming in L.A. The Rad Girls had a few brushes with the law in LA, but nothing too serious.

Check out the rad girls in this video below,but be forewarned it’s nasty!

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