Will Smith’s Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett-Smith: Open To Sex With Others

1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others

Will Smith reveals that he has an open marriage with wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith in a UK Magazine interview.

Update!  In Touch Weekly reports Will Smith and Jada are separating!

Will Smith, 39, actor and singer, says the secret to his happy 11-year marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith is maintaining a healthy and “open” sex life.

“Lots of sex. All the time, every day. Just lots of sex keeps me going good!” said Smith, who realized three months into their relationship that his wife was the one for him. “I was very interested that first night, but I was in a bizarre mental space. Three months into it, we were at her mom’s house and it just hit me. I looked at her and just knew this was it.”

Another important part of their relationship is honesty. Both Will and Jada are open about their attractions to other people.

“Our perspective is, you don’t avoid what’s natural and you’re going to be attracted to people. So sometimes we have the discussion: “ËœWow, this or that girl is freaking gorgeous.’ I’m not going to say anything to my buddies that’s any different than what I say to my wife,” said Smith.

Though they have yet to take lovers outside of their marriage, the couple will tell each other if the occasion ever arises.

“I don’t know how I’d feel. But I know I would react better than if I found out about it afterwards,” said Smith, in regards to the possibility of his wife asking to take a lover.

The couple has two children together, 10-year-old son Jayden and eight-year-old daughter, Willow. Smith also has another son, 15-year-old Willard, from his first marriage.

This revelation from Will Smith about his marriage is a bit surprising, especially with Will Smith’s “clean cut” persona? What do you guys think about their “open relationship”?

1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others 1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others 1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others 1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others 1x1.trans Will Smiths Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith: Open To Sex With Others

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  1. I think that is crazy, Will just comes off as a womanizer saying oh just lots of sex is the secret, I’m fine if I get lots of it if not I go somewhere else for it. My respect goes down a little for this one.

    • Where do u get that from that he comes off as a womanizer, he's being honest & they seem to keep there relationship going strong, unlike a lot of hollywood couples. I have always loved Jada & Will together, I think they are the perfect couple. He didn't say if he doesn't get sex he will go somewhere else, do u have a reading & understanding problem…..u need to shut up, that's what. Men now a days are not being faithful partners & if what they're doing works for them, who are we to judge. Some of u ppl need to take a long & hard look at ur lives before u start to chat sh*t.

      • Anyone could have a successful marriage if they were able to act on any temptation that exist with anyone. Most people and celebrities break-up for infidelity issues and marriage is suppossed to be between one woman and one man. Why did they get married anyway, maybe to pretend for their children, and for themselves. There can't be any self-worth or dignity on Jada's part to allow this. No woman wants to share her man. They are a disgrace to the African-American community and are not a good example for their children.

  2. This ordeal disturbed me until I heard the whole story. First good thing is that they haven't gone outside the marriage yet. The bad thing is that they might if the opportunity arises. Well you can believe that or not. I personally think that the opportunity has already arisen and they both have played a part. For the kids sake it's a little sad but much respect to Will because the truth is the truth and it shall set you free.

    • John, when the Bible, in John 8:32, says that "the truth shall set you free", it's talking about the truth of God's Word, not any "truth" we choose to make up. So, respect for Will is not in order for making up a "truth" that has nothing to do with God's (our Creator's)purpose for marriage. Ever notice how things go terribly wrong when the owner's manual is ignored or misinterpreted?? Will should take serious notice.

  3. A marriage is supposed to be sacred, They are defiling their marriage by cheating on each other. It does not matter whetther or not you tell each other that you are going to be with someone else does not matter it is still cheating. You are always going to find other people attactive but that does not mean you should act on it. I don;t care what he put in his vows. He got married under God who says adultery is sin.

    • i totally agree with your comment but who knows who these celebrities vow under could very likely be "the man in the moon"

    • HAHAHA

      Absurd!!! U do realize not everyone believes in God, right? What if they were only married civilly?

      Typical bigot… no reality can be right other than the one they live by.

    • I disagree with your statement. To cheat, well, thati is to defraud and if they have an open marriage that is not defrauding or being dishonest. As far as sin goes, there is no greater sin than the next, so we all fall short of the grace of God.

  4. They are fooling themselves. This is no way to treat a marriage. I like Will Smith as an actor, but he ain't the brightest bulb. They think they're playing a game. Marriage is not a game, and if you want to treat it as such, you are not ready for adult responsibility. To have 3 children and behave in such a way is very irresponsible. If they wanted to carry on this lifestyle, they should not even front like they have a commitment. Happy marriage my ass.

    • u judgemental bastards should shut the hell up i honestly think its pretty weird n illogical but it aint my relationship an i dnt know them aside from there goosd acting so im not gonna judge them bcuz there methods r different from mine not like what do effects me im not gettin all bent outa shape over someone elses marital decisions …….. marriage aint got shit 2 do with god anyway its not a religious commitment there all it is , is to commit to someone u luv in the eyes of the law

      • Wow collin you are a true idiot. I will safely assume that you don't read the bibe at all. It says in the bible Do Not Commit Adultery. The only way God approves of a divorce is if one of the spouse has committed adultery. That is how serious God is about having extra marital sex.


    • Actually Jada herself has admitted to having an open marriage along with other celebrities like Monique for one. I don't see anything wrong in an open marriage. It's like Ozzie Davis said, it isn't the infedelity that kills the marriage, it's the secrecy and lies. At least they are being honest with each other. Marriage means that you want to spend the rest of your lives with each other, but that has nothing to do with whether or not you agree to share your lives with others as well. Too many people mistake sex for more than just that. Sex does not mean I love you. Sex doesn't even mean I care about you. Sex is simply a need that needs to be fulfilled and you were there to fulfil it. Everybody throwing the Bible up, and fighting against open marriage should also consider the fact that the Bible says that marriage is for sexual purposes, but how many of you have actually waited until you were married to have sex? I hate when people will condem this person for acting against what the Bible says in this part, but they don't read on to see what they are doing or did wrong. To each his or her own, and if this is what works for them, who the hell are you to tell them any different.

  6. I met Will & Jada at a party in downtown Buckhead near Atlanta. At first I thought they were very normal…but what started out as a normal luncheon, turned into what can only be described as a Whig revivalist virutal orgy. So many people want to suggest that Will & Jada are Scientologists…well the truth is, they are in fact Whig revivalists. Before 1900s, the Whig Party was a true force to be reckoned with in America. Among their philosophies, Relentless cornfield taxes, An end to All Avaition, A national Ban on fireworks, partial voting rights for the deceased, Horse tarrifs, and of course, open marriages.

    When I first read the autobiography of Henry Clay, I almost vomited on the spot. Not only did the man sanction open marriages, he even went so far as to suggest that when a man makes love to his wife, he should not only do it in the presence of others, but charge a small tarriff, even to passers by and other onlookers. A troubling account of a pseudo brothel involving Clay and his wife and a young Crispus Attucks still haunts my dreams to this day. My point is, when an African American power couple gets caught up in Whig philosophy…well let's just say that swinging is the least of our concerns….

  7. Well, if that is what they want to do, that is their right. I personally think that it doesn't make sense to be married and then to have sexual relationships with other people. But the reality is that it occurs all of the time: maybe they are just being honest about the reality of marriage (for some people). Personally, I want to have a monogamous, Christian relationship in which I come home to my wife each night and in which we grow old together. I don't want to be shared nor do I want to share my wife with someone else (either a man or a woman).

    • Is it possible that Jada comes off as a very strong woman but, deep down inside desires to be married to Will to get celebreties respect as well as boost her career as an actress? Hummm, it just doesn't make sense to agree with something so immoral as an open marriage.

  8. People, plz read the entire story and not just the headlines. Will and Jada do not cheat on each other, in fact, they have never taken lovers outside of their marriage.. Therefore although they are frank with each other about their attractions, they have never acted on those attractions for other ppl. They have been and still is 100% faithful to each other… Stop only reading the headlines ppl.


  10. Monogamy is NOT natural. It’s an artificial construct of religion. Kudos to Will and Jada for owning up to reality. I know of people in open relationships and polyamorous relationships who are extremely happy. It takes a lot of intellectual and emotional maturity to break the mold of society and create a relationship that works for you. By the way: read the new book by Jenny Block called “Open”. A great look into an actual open marriage!

  11. I only have a problem with it on two levels for myself… Will and Jada can do what they want. It sounds all good and dandy but you would have to worry about disease and pregnancy… so for that reason I wouldn't consider it for myself. However, if I didn't have to consider those things I take it over sneaking around hiding any day of the week.

  12. Gene, you say monogamy is not nature. Well U right… it's not in fact very little that we do is natural. Eating with a spoon and fork and off a plate isn't natural, it's natural to eat with your fingers and pull your food directly from the ground, tree, vine, whatever. So that goes to show what might not be natural can still be accomplish.

    Monogamy as difficult as it may be for some has it's advantages… a monogamous couple free of disease would not have to worry about disease (except for extreme circumstances) and never have to ask who's baby is it?

    So I'm not juding Jada and Will (maybe they worked the pregnancy thing out I don't know… but disease… only fate can work that out for you… condoms are not 100 percent protection).

  13. people here knocking Will and Jada ought to be aware that Jada denied that they have an open relationship. She said Will said that IF (if is a big word people) they were to sleep with other people they would let the other know before they did. She said they do not have a open relationship… that Will's comment was taken out of content. Which doesn't surprise me because unfortunately he's not too bright, he's forever saying something that can misconscrued as something else. He speaks before he thinks things out and he's terrible braggocious (I know I didn't spell that right). A lot of things he says makes him seem unintelligent or terribly arrogant.

  14. First of all who are we to judge anyone? Second why dont you pray for them whether its true or not?

    Third for all of those that dont take the Word of God Jehova seriously may God have mercy on your life. No one and nothing will ever tear down Gods word which is the bible whether anybody wants to believe it or not. The BIBLE: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!! I rather live for God then not to and then find out whether there is a hell or not. So lets stop focusing on others and focus on your own lives and look in the mirror every time you want to talk about others or judge others. Praise God and Mighty is His Name.

    God Bless all of you. Oh by the way i dont get offended by any comments because who ever messes with me messes with God. Peace Out.


  16. "Oh i love you, but im going to sleep with another woman (man for jada)." yep that sounds like hollywood love to me. Its depressing how tweeked the world is getting.

  17. Stop it!! That's their marriage. If you don't like what they are saying or doing, fine! OK. But they are married to each other and not everyone else. If they say that works for them, then so be it. We are not GOD. So we can't judge!Besides, marriage is not what it used to be anyway.

  18. I'm like you Nique, read the whole story before you reply to this article. They didn't say they had an open marriage. They did say that they would inform the other if they were to consider stepping out. I've been married to my husband for 10 yrs now with 2 beautiful kids. We are always talking about how nice the opposite sex looks to us as well. I don't see anything wrong with their marriage at all. I'm like Will, I talk to my husband the same way I talk to my girls and vice versa. Alot of people would hear the things we say to one another and think we're crazy, but hell just like Will said, "this is the secret to our marriage"…keeping it too realer than other couples. You two do you, since nobody else will:)

  19. I thought that once you get married to somebody that it is surpose to be between you and your spose, not between other people. I use to have so much respect for Jada, but now that respect has went out the window. Will is still a hottie but he needs to only be with his wife not other people. They shuold only have sex inside their own bedroom.

  20. I just read this article:

    "She said: "I love the fact that Will has a genuine appreciation for women.

    He's a real man and if he sees an attractive woman it is how it is.

    "And you know, I think it kind of enhances the appreciation he has for me. I am the chosen one."

    Jada also laughed off rumours – sparked by Will – that the couple have an open marriage.

    She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "We do not have an open marriage. He wishes! He might fantasise about that, but don't you worry about that!""

    DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ!!!!!! The media had sneaky ways of putting things out of context….when Will Smith was talking about having lots of sex…he meant his wife, which, I think, is healthy! It IS also natural to be attracted to other people…as long as you can control taking it further, I don't see anything wrong with it.

  21. My marriage to my wonderful husband of 15 yrs. is the single most important relationsip. We are each others best friend. We love, laugh, worship, pray, fight, argue, make up, we freak, plan, vacation, fulfill dreams, support, finance, communicate, communicate, communicate. Whatever my husband needs I am EVERY WOMAN! What ever daddy want I am down for it! It keeps us enjoying each other. Yes we have both been attracted to other people it is natural. However crossing the line, is unacceptable. If your husband or wife notifies you prior to or after they have cheated it will hurt like hell. What works for some people (Will & Jada) doesn't work for many married couples. I am old fashioned and my values/principles are from my upbringing. I am every woman and my hubby is every man. Peace!

    • I think what you said here is the only intelligent comment that I have read on this site. I too am in an open marriage, but neither of us have acted on the fact that we could because we do love and care about each other, but we are simply realistic about the possibility that things happen, now if something happens does that mean that I love him any less, no, and visa versa. Sex is not a deal breaker like Monique said. Lying to me would. Like you said this lifestyle is not for everyone, but to each his/her own, and I respect you for having that much of an open mind on the subject.

  22. I think having an open marriage is kind of dangerous. What if you get someone pregnant or catch an STD? What do you do about that and at the same time keep a healthy marriage? I think it is silly honestly and they need some help. God did not define marriage to be that way. You dont sleep with someone other than the person you married….or it is considered adultery, which is a sin….right??!! I love Will and Jada, but I do not agree with their perceptions of marriage. It could also be the fact that they are looking into Scientology as their religion. You see how messed up Tom and Kate are LOL. I just hope this powerful duo will oneday wake up!

  23. i think that its is their choice. if they want to try new things within their marriage it is up to them. i do agree that being honest is one huge key to a healthy relationship. when Will was talking about lots of sex keeps him good i dont think he was saying that he was going to go out and get some from others if Jada didnt want to have sex with him anymore. no one elses opinion matters but theirs.

  24. Gone are the days when black people in the public eye carried themselves with dignity and self respect. Its so sad to see when folks forget how they were raised, or was there any decent home training to start with.?

  25. I don't see where Will is saying they have an Open Marriage – I see him saying they have an Open Sex Life which could mean he and his wife are very "open" to different sexual practices, which might not include sex with different partners. However, whatever he and his wife have decided to do within the bonds on their marriage is really their business – period. I do not believe that anyone has the right to comment on my personal, private sexual life and perferences so I'll grant Will and Jada the same respect. If it's not illegal or hurtful I'm good.


  27. I do not believe this story! That said, why is anyone surprised? Every man I have ever dated cheated, I have cheated and pretty much all of my friends have cheated. Its the way it is! I do hate it and use to cry and piss and moan about it but it is the WAY IT IS PEOPLE! You all KNOW this! Some of you are just being really stupid!

  28. “Though they have yet to take lovers outside of their marriage, the couple will tell each other if the occasion ever arises.”

    Being “open” basically meant that they were open to talking about their attraction towards other people. But whether they will sleep with someone outside of their marriage or already have or whatnot, that’s between them. I personally don’t agree with it but everyone has their own beliefs and values, so what can you do?

    And you can never just blindly trust what you see, hear, and read so unless Will & Jada told you this themselves, how can anyone really be sure that any of this is true anyway? I still like them both and LOVE Jada!

  29. haha,, Thats what im talking about Will!!!,, and whomever it was that said they have lost respect for him because of this, you deserve to be slapped. They open with their relationship and who the hell are you to judge them?? You are nobody so Judge not less the be judged.. and to another commenter, this is only a sin if you believe the retarded idea that a “just” god does exist. Whomever believes such an atrocity has no real “ideals” anyway and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I don’t see how anyone can believe such a crock with the way the history of man has gone. Anyone who has actually thought about it and isn’t just looking for a purpose (which most devout church goers are) or an excuse to make you think your life means somthing, knows that the notion of an “all good” god is just a bedtime stories for adults.

  30. i feel whatever works for your relationship is for relationship only.. everyone on this page need to stop judging.. worry about yourself.. if that works for their 11 yr marriage and they are happy then that's all that matters.. also the sex thing was a joke so relax.

  31. All I can say is that whatever they are doing it has worked for them. Marriages are blessed to even go five years but they're at 11. Something must be working for them. So judge their marriage all you want, how many people on here actually are happily married. You must make decisions for the sake of the marriage. If sex with others keeps their love closer than so be it.

    I guess I'm saying this because Will Smith is my favorite celebrity. He just lives his life. He works hard and he loves his family. That's all there is to it.

  32. This explains why their relationship works,(it never gets boring).

    I'd like to have an open marriage/relationship too, I've often considered it. My marriage didn't work out because my husband was cheating from the start (and I think, with time, I would have started cheating too).

    I want to find my lifelong partner but I don't want to commit to only having sex with one man for the rest of my life. The most solid couples break up because of sex, cuz it get's boring and one of them or both start cheating.

    I think it even makes the relationship stronger, cuz you appreciate eachother more since you're not frustraded anymore.

  33. I get what they are saying. If he or she EVER slept with another person (not saying they are going out there looking for it to happen) they would want to be woman/man enough to tell each other instead of hiding shit and reading it in the tabloids!

  34. "I looked at her and just knew this was it.” this was WHAT??? the person you would leave with under the same roof for the rest of your life?, because thats all she is another lover but with the difference she lives in the same house…weird, very weird. WILL: SORRY TO TELL YOU, THAT IS NOT LOVE.

  35. If this is true I only have one comment. If God came back the day, the hour, the minute you were committing adultery, what do you think He would say? (This is for everyone)

  36. Its only made my marriage worse. Now all that I think about is that every women must be better than me. And it is perfectly ok for him to be with another but as soon as I suggest doing another guy. He ask me please don't he wouldn't be able to handle it. I feel like I just flushed the past 23 years of my life down the drain.

  37. one more comment. They have plenty of money so starting over if things don't work out is much easier. I hope I never have to leave. And I do hope that they do have a long and happy marriage together. Kudos to Jada for having great self-eestem.

  38. I feel like what they are doing is right. How many women have been cheated on by a broke man. At least this one is telling you and he has money. I can get over it.

  39. I just watched Jada on the View and she spoke of having a healthy relationship b/c they "move the relationship around." When the ladies pressed her for more info like "So do you mean you guys have sex on your kitchen table?" Jada replied," It may not necessarily be OUR kitchen table!" Instead of assuming what she meant i just took it for what it was, they have a healthy sex life and a marriage that allows them to communicate more on the friend level than on a typical, stifling man/ woman relationship. I think it is a wonderful thing to have that with someone. No, i don't believe they are 'swingers" but if they are, i wouldn't care. I do believe, however- that they are spontaneous and maybe (in a whisper) freaks. one things for sure, they've lasted a long time.

  40. I think it was just a ploy to beef up interest in his movie. It states that they have not gone outside their marriage and my guess is they're not going to. They were messing with you guys and everybody read into what they wanted.

    If they say they haven't acted on it, then who are we to say they're lying about it? I personally don't care what they do and if swingering is their style, then I feel more sorry for the children. Stating that, I hope they never do stray outside the marriage because infidelity does have a major negative impact kids and it is a very selfish act. Not to mention it is against one of the 10 Commandments, DUH!!

  41. Will was so blatant while on Oprah (with Jada) about his attraction to other women and that he doesn't make it a secret. HE SAID THIS WITH HIS OWN MOUTH AND OPRAH STATED THAT SHE WAS SHOCKED THAT JADA JUST SAT THERE LISTENING! I believe it 100% and I believe that Will is open to a lot of different things.

  42. Angeleyes:

    Or the wrong kittycat may come along and she'll be even sorrier! (if u know what I mean, it's dangerous out there, there's a lot going around)

  43. Will and Jada Smith’s “open marriage” is no more than “open door” to his and her bi-sexual lives. They both have been involved in same-sex relationships with others. Same with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Most celebs do this. Hmmmm…..

  44. I didn’t see my previous post here what happened? Anyways….Will SMith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s “open marriage” is due to their “bi-sexual” status. Both Will Smith and jada have been involved in same-sex relationships in the past. This is why Jada was not jealous when Will smith stated this on Oprah. Celebs feel they can do anything they please. Look at Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie for example. They have men and also women in their lives. Angelina’s gal pal is asian.

  45. Am I the only person along with a couple of others who read the part of the article where Will stated that he has never acted on his attractions? I too saw Jada on the View and her view of an” open marriage” per say is that the two of them like to get it on in risky places! Does anyone think that Jada a chick who used to roll with Tupac and is fiesty would put up with that type of disrespect? Will is one of the top paid actors in hollywood period! Even though we have a Black Prez now hollywood would not allow a black man to be a known outright freak and pay him millions! There is a double standard that exist people, use your common sense!!

  46. this is really fake man. He would definitely not say that about his relationship, even if he did he was saying open as in the have sex all the time not with others

  47. I think that it is wrong what was the point of them ever getting married. Not trying to hate on what they do, do the kids feel comfortable with it. In there eyes it may be okay but what about in God eyes. If that is the case why get married? That is not considered love it's just two adults whom don't respect themselves. Greed is a sin, if they want to sin let them do it on there own time, we have young people in progress who is trying to be somethig, young people that look up to them and will think what they are doing is okay. Stop being a follower, they got it made what about you, you just a wanna be someone whom will kiss a– to get next to fame when the real facts that you will never get there. Keep shi- real. What happens if one of them catch something that they can never be cured? Everything isn't 100% prof, sleep on it.

  48. i think will and jade are awesome for being open. the thing is this, now that they have embraced that they can be open with each other about their attractions to others, the chance to cheat will probably go down. because in human nature, if you want something and someone tells you no, you want it more. when someone tells you yeah have it, then its not that big of an appeal anymore. its psychology. and personally their kids have NOTHING to do with what goes on sexually with them. and with the whole God thing, not everyone believes in God, God is not the only definite thing out there, this is about raw human emotion and the realization that whether married or not, you will still be attracted to others. don’t hate on the fact that they can be married, and be happy while being open with each other, which is something that YOU may not be able to do

  49. I can't believe jada would allow this. I'm sure will is ok with sleeping with other women, but I find it hard to believe he would be ok with her screwing another guy.

  50. Hey whatever that floats their boats/ if they do not mind looking at each other in the morning, then neither do i. but this suit on Will is not for him..

  51. *****Though they have yet to take lovers outside of their marriage, the couple will tell each other if the occasion ever arises.**

    Did you read this line, they have yet to take lovers OUTSODE THE MARRIAGE just cause you all can’t find love, stop being stupid and hating

  52. I'm all for open marriages and responsible non-monogamy. It's not for everybody, but neither is monogamy. What amazes me is how close minded people can be, as if it's totally impossible to be in love with or connect with more than one person on a deep, intimate level. Then again, it is a lot more comfortable to cling to the fairy tale. Meet that special some one, on a planet of 8 BILLION people, and share a love so deep you'll never ever desire another human being, for the duration of a lifetime!!! Sounds great in theory; but often falls short in actual practice.

  53. My hats off to Will and Jada Smith because their marriage has lasted longer then most couples in America. They are not only lovers but they are best friends. They have the ingredients to a successful marriage because their communication with one another is very strong. Will mistake was he open his mouth & should remember, what they do behind close doors should be kept to themselves because most people would judge them wrong out of ignorance. It’s funny how most people, especially on here, critize Will and Jada, yet they themselves are not married & sooo single because they’re to picky or close minded people to find love in their life. There’s a reason you are single and alone, because you don’t have a clue to maintaining a real relationship, that’s why you bad mouth other people’s relationship because you are miserable. Misery likes company, huh. Leave them alone and worry about how you can last in your own relationship, only if you can find someone to want you let alone share you, lol…

  54. Yes marriage is sacred but in this day and age people do not last together. But to have a great understand because you and your mate know y'all is made for each other in there is no one you would rather be with on a day to day basis its better to know from the mate than to find out by somebody else I'm not saying its right be look around all you hear about is "CHEATING" its so sad but no one want to be alone forever I'm not saying do something you normally want do but trust and honesty is the mean focus here to know your mate want lie to you is the BEST. Its just something to think about.

  55. they are not saying they sleep with other people, they are just saying that they are extremely open with each other. its all about sharing their fantasies with each other. they have lots of sex with each other. can u people read????

  56. They are not in an open marriage where people think that htey are just out ther having sexs with whoever they please, it appears that what they are saying is that they have honesty and trust and before one of their friends finds out if they are attracted to someone else or even finds someone else attractive they will reveal it to each other.

    I think that your spouse should be youur best friend and partner in life: these two know that no one else can come and get into thier relationship.

    It is not even necessary to mess around on another person!

  57. THIS IS A LIE! do not believe this bullshit article! will & jada are true to each other & the whole world knows it. Did anyone read this “uk magazine”? no, bc none of this is true. they are one of the few true celeb couples and people want to bash them >.< it's sad. this is NOT true

  58. Sounds taken out-of-context to me, as in "Hey Will, what if your wife wanted to have sex with another guy?" Will: "Well I'd want to know about it first instead of after the fact.. so I could say HELL NO"…

  59. This is straight up disgusting and whorish on both parts if it is true. Why get married if you wanna screw anyone you may find attractive? Just stay single knock some chick up and call her wifey or “my baby mama” and continue hoeing around until one of you drops dead of aides..condoms break! If this is going down Will & Jada you lose big points with me!

  60. If it works for them, then who are "we" to judge. So many people cheat and so many people has fantasies that they're afraid to share with their partners, therefore they choose to do things behind their back. With an open relationship, honesty is truly honored. Cheating is when people does something that their partner doesn't approve of. Adultry is the same thing…and for all of you "Bible Quoters" there are several characters in the Bible who had multiple wives, therefore you can't consider and open relationship adultry.

  61. I can see Jada accepting this type of marriage. Considering the lifestyle she lived in Baltimore – she would accept almost anything to live this comfortable life. She was not subjected to the most comfortable of conditions.

  62. Considering the lifestyle Jada was subjected to in Baltimore, I can see her accepting and participating in this type of lifestyle from Wil. She was not the "innocent little girl" that she tries to project now.

  63. Please some of u must learn to read u are as twisted as those mag writer. They said 'IF' they didn't say they were doing it.

    If u can't read and understand go back to school and cultivate some sense and stop run with story like satelite because most time it not true.

    Some of us just need to face reality that men will be men and some men feel better havin alot of female partner; it not right but what to do. You have choice stay or go it ur choice.

    • I think y'all worried about the wrong shit. They gonna fuck who they want regardless of what you think. Leave them people alone, and more importantly leave ya stupid comments to yourself.

  64. What kind of morals are you teaching your kids. What would you say to Willow when she is married and finds out her husband has been with another women?? Did he tell you first, if so than that is ok!!! You both lost respect from me on this one!!!!

  65. I think that is nasty for them to have an open relationship it seems to me that Will just want it for the sex so if his wife dont give it to hime then he know he can get it from someone else.They both are nasty they dont know what they are getting theirselfs into. If you marry some that means your going to give that one person your ll not the whole world

  66. Marriage is a very Personal bond between 2 people, and although this is not a traditional approach to a marriage if its what keeps their marriage afloat then so be it. If society said that being monogamous was wrong then everyone on here would be posting a completely different comment! I see it this way, everyone knows the more forbidden something is the more enticing it becomes. If the permission is there the thrill is gone! The fact that they have yet to act on this arrangement is proof. Obviously they are doing something right looking at how long they have lasted! I personally am currently trying this in my own marriage, I have been married for 3 years on the 20th of this month and this has been in place since the beginning. We have been together for 7yrs now & he has never had an extramarital affair. So what I'm trying to say is, don't judge. BTW… Its not your life!!

  67. The funny thing is a lot of people on here objecting to this agreement will probably, "Cheat" or be "Cheated" on in their marriage. It will most likely go down the drain if brought to the light, and go on for months or years if its not….. so really who's going to be more miserable you or them? Oh and for all of you that keep talking about them "Cheating" maybe you should look up the definition of "Cheating" because what they would be doing would not be "Cheating", Adultery? YES! "Cheating"? NO!!

  68. I think they have a wonderful relationship and I do believe it will last…. I takes a strong and sucure woman to b able to say that there husband can act on his sexual desires if they arouse… Men love sex and they want it, thing is most men do it behind womens backs…. Jada is in a place where she has the choice of sayin yes or no n vice versa…. Also she will know who the women are and how often he may c them…. A relatinship lik this makes men care more for the women cause he knows she trust him….

  69. these two are obviously bisexual. they love each other and got married because they understand each other. they will hang in there til the kids grow up and then break it off when being out is closer to 99% ok in this country


  71. You know I think that if it works for Will and Jada, it is their business. Honesty is something that is missing from most marriages, because if it wasn't we would not have a 50% divorce rate. If a man and a woman communicate their needs and desires in a open and honest way— it benefits the relationship and the the individuals. The idea of "until death do us part" is a mighty long time.

  72. He was just explaining a state of mind he and his wife are in: when you put it into words people take it too literally. But they're just friends before they're a couple. They share things, and of course they feel attraction to other people, as it happens if you have open communication or not. But this way they know exactly what's going on.

    And i really don't think Will would cheat. He knows Jada is not the kind of woman who would take it sitting down. If he cheats, then so would she and he'd lose a really great thing.I think he's too smart to risk an 11 year marriage for a fantasy.

  73. This is interesting, but I will say this. If it is true that either or both are willing to do this then something is wrong. First off I noticed that over the last year they have bene talking alot about their sex life. Well, ok, but there are some things that have raised the radar. I think something could be wrong and neither may want a divorce, but I don't agree with the concept.

    Anyway, I love them, but if this has any truth it's a matter of time.

  74. An open marriage should not be an option as a result of a happy ever after. Question is, what can a man get from another women that his wife can't offer him? if you ladies/man think that another woman/man is better than you, you can have an open relationship, but if not you need to re-consider that Will and his wife is really not marriage material for considering this foolish option, that is adultery

  75. How long have you been married? Tend to your own household first before you start judging others. Ive met people who live like this and they have a relationship that I cant even begin to understand. However it works for them. They say honesty and respect is what keeps it going. If you cant understand it, then its not for you.

  76. jada and will u are my idol but my jaden and willow make me proud they are not only urs they mine too let pray for god guidance willow is a real star same to jaden troy u are my first born lena hall haitian leave in the bahamas god bless u all and remain bless

  77. When Jesus quoted the law on adultery in his sermon on the mount, he said you heard it said you should not commit adultery, I say whoever looks at a woman so as to have passion for her has already committed adultery in his heart! It is wrong to look at someone and desire them. So whiter they have dipped out or not it is wrong! That is why monogamy is hard for some people, because they think it is cool to look.

  78. I think it's really stupid for them to have an open relationship especially with there children that could be hard for them if they found out but I love them and think there a great couple so why do they have to have sex with other people if this is true love that person should be enough but that's just my opinoin and I'm gonna state it

  79. What Will and Jada do in their bedroom is their bussiness! Marriages fail everyday and if they have found a way to make their marriage interesting and fullfilling and it works for them then I' happy for them! People cheat because they can't confide in their so called "mate, wife, husband, friend". We all are attracted to people at some point througout the day, yes I said the day and all it takes is a sustained period of overwhelming circumstances at home and before you know it either the husband or wife confides in someone outside the marriage and all of a sudden oops I'm sorry honey I cheated! It appears Will and Jada have diminished those possibilities by being able to totaly confide in each other about their very most intimate thoughts. Wake up people! They're probably having the time of their lives! As the saying goes "Don't knock it before you try it"

  80. Every Married Couples Have There Thing. they may like to cook, drink, smoke,sports,career,swinger,education,religion, i can go on in on about it. And for single couples your not married. u dont know how hard it is to keep the marriage good. and will and jada dont look like there having problem to me. you can tell they love each other so i gusse it's working for them. i've been married 14yrs togather 18yrs(high school sweet heart) and we are that young couple every one hate on. we have 3 kids, happy 75% of the time, and we comunicate and yes he looks at women and say she look's good and i say nothing. way because im sexy as hell and very confidence.

  81. -You was taught in class to read BEFORE you answer, right??? So why are most of you discussing the matter and commenting on it before the entire article is read. Jada said "IF" they wanted to experience sex with another partner, they would tell each other, COMMUNICATION. She didnt say that "Oh well me and Will screw everybody we see, while the kids are at the house with us, on sunday mornings, before church, while watching Joel Osteen"…You guys are reading the headline and running off with it……Have you ever played the rumor game, its when a big group crowds around in a circle, a person starts off a secret and passes it to the next(and so forth)….and by the time the secret gets back to the person that started it, the whole secret has been changed…………………….Will and Jada only stated that they have an open relationship with each other…..I come on here and I also hear on television that Will and Jad announces that they swingers…COME ON PEOPLE!!!

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