Marie Hilley in “Wife, Mother, Murderer.”

1x1.trans Marie Hilley in Wife, Mother, Murderer.

1x1.trans Marie Hilley in Wife, Mother, Murderer.

Marie Hilley, aka Audrey Marie Hilley, was a housewife who was convicted for the attempted poisoning of her daughter. The motive was to claim the insurance payout.

Marie Hilley’s story was so fascinating that from time to time, documentaries and movies were made drawing inspiration from her life. Recently, one such TV movie on Marie Hilley was aired.

Before poisoning her daughter, Marie had already poisoned and killed her first husband, Frank Hilley. He died on May 25, 1975. Frank’s death was listed as infectious hepatitis and was not investigated. Marie’s daughter, Carol Hilley,had showed signs and symptoms of arsenic poisoning. The doctors and police became suspicious. They exhumed Frank Hilley’s body and found high levels of arsenic in him.

Marie was convicted and sentenced to jail. She escaped and changed her identity to Robbi Hannon. She met and married John Homan. One day, she decided to fake her death and re-emerged as Teri Martin. Police were suspicious and Teri Martin eventually broke down and confessed that she was Audrey Marie Hilley.

Marie Hilley was sent back to prison. She escaped and was found ill with hypothermia. She had a heart attack and died in February 26, 1987.

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1x1.trans Marie Hilley in Wife, Mother, Murderer. 1x1.trans Marie Hilley in Wife, Mother, Murderer.

Source: wikipedia.

Movie: Wife, Mother, Murderer.


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  1. something was seriously wrong with this woman. she was obviously mentally unstable. its so sad. if only she would have gotten help before she had gotten to the point she did. who knows…i feel bad for her and everyone around her

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