Pamela Anderson’s bikini bottom.

1x1.trans Pamela Andersons bikini bottom.

 1x1.trans Pamela Andersons bikini bottom.

Pamela Anderson and her boss, Dutch magician Hans Klok, went to Berlin, Germany to perform their magic show. Pamela wore a daring costume of a gold colored corset and bikini bottom. She raised some eyebrows because she did not wear proper bottoms. Pamela and Rihanna shared a similar distaste for bottoms.

1x1.trans Pamela Andersons bikini bottom.

Prior to the show, there was a press conference and Pamela and Hans were seen behaving intimately. This sparked off rumors that the two of them could be more than just colleagues.

The highlight of the magic show was when Hans appeared to evoke his magic to lift Pamela and float her above the ground.

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