Angelina Jolie models for St. John.

1x1.trans Angelina Jolie models for St. John.

1x1.trans Angelina Jolie models for St. John.

Angelina Jolie, 32, has continued to model for the US fashion clothing line called St. John. She changed her looks to suit the fashion house. This fashion shoot happened weeks ago, before Angelina started showing her baby bump. Besides modeling for the American house St. John, she was also its spokeswoman for St. John’s charity organization. She was lucky to get two jobs with the same company.

1x1.trans Angelina Jolie models for St. John.

Richard Cohen, CEO of St. John, praised Angelina as a good mother, actress and philanthropist. Angelina has been with St. John since Sept. 2005. She started off with them by saying she was excited to be working with them. She said that St. John’s beautiful wardrobe was sexy and comfortable and suitable for her needs.

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