Amy Winehouse is losing her face.

1x1.trans Amy Winehouse is losing her face.

1x1.trans Amy Winehouse is losing her face.

Amy Winehouse walked out of her home in Camden and was photographed with her entire face covered in skin problems. Previously, her spokesman said that Amy had a skin rash and was taking antibiotics to clear it up. She did not stay home, despite the fact that her condition could be contagious.

1x1.trans Amy Winehouse is losing her face.

Besides her facial disfigurations, Army’s arms had scratches on them. It was rumored that she did some self-mutilation. There was speculation that Amy had resumed her drug addiction.

Amy thought that a sun bed would help to improve her skin’s condition. The paparazzi noted that a sun bed was delivered to her house.

Amy’s fellow compatriot, Kate Moss, has launched her new Topshop collection here.

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