The $270 Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner.

1x1.trans The $270 Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner.

1x1.trans The $270 Mega Millions lottery jackpot winner.

Bobby Harris, 47, from Portal, Georgia said that he won the $270 Mega Millions lottery jackpot map. He lived with his wife, Tonya, and 2 daughters in a trailer home in the tiny town of 600 people. The couple bought their $2 ticket a few hours before the draw on Friday night. They used the birthdates of their 6 grandchildren to pick the numbers ““ 7, 12, 13, 19, 22 and Mega Ball 10.

A resident of the town, Georgiana Mulrooney, said that the whole town was excited over Bobby’s win. She said that Tonya was a good, hardworking woman who helped anyone who approached her. Bobby and Tonya Harris became instant celebrities in the town. This lottery prize was the 5th largest in the game’s history.

Source: nydailynews.

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  1. Idiots, having their faces plastered on every news show for every tom, dick, and harry to come out of the woodworks. dumb hicks, it'll be gone in a few years. God bless their souls.

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