Outstanding winners in the Razzies.

1x1.trans Outstanding winners in the Razzies.

1x1.trans Outstanding winners in the Razzies.

“Norbit” is on the left. On the right is Lindsay Lohan in “I Know Who Killed Me.”

Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy have won awards ahead of the Oscars. These were the Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies and they spoof the Oscars. The awards were for the worst actors of 2007. The award consisted of a gold, spray painted trophy and it was worth USD $4.89.

1x1.trans Outstanding winners in the Razzies.

Eddie Murphy won 3 awards for worst acting categories, for his comedy “Norbit.” Lindsay Lohan’s “I Know Who Killed Me” won 8 awards for being bad. Lindsay won the worst screen couple award for this movie because she had a scene where she played dual roles.

Although Norbit was severely criticized by the film critics, it enjoyed box office success. It raked in $158 million worldwide. Comedy at its worst was still comedy.

1x1.trans Outstanding winners in the Razzies.

Source: bbc

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  1. Come on, Lindsay Lohan is not that bad of an actress. Geez, I think she would be perfect for the lead role of Mandii Carson in Raspberry & Lavender: Diaries of a Lavender Girl feature film.

  2. wow cant beleive that lindsay lohan won the razzie award. so what is with this raspberry and lavender – diaries of a lavender girl. will lindsay lohan star in it or it's just a silly rumour?

  3. Too bad Eddie Murphy won't be part of awesome Raspberry and Lavender ..Diaries of a Lavender Girl movie. it will be a big hit. Lindsay Lohan would be ok.though.

  4. too bad bro. where and when can i go see raspberry and lavender diaries of a lavender girl movie? is it distributed by universal pictures?

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