Kimora Lee Simmons’ naked photo.

1x1.trans Kimora Lee Simmons naked photo.

 1x1.trans Kimora Lee Simmons naked photo.

Kimora Lee Simmons, the divorced wife of Russell Simmons, has modeled for Peta. This was for a new campaign to educate people on the negative aspects of chaining dogs in backyards.

Kimora was famous for her fashion business in Baby Phat and Phat fashions. Find out why Kimora may not always be the right face for Peta.

She was known for her love for furs.

1x1.trans Kimora Lee Simmons naked photo.
Source: stereohyped.

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  2. ok you all dont see Shit and you still wanna call me naked? i promise im happy im not Black or White cus you’ll some Liers

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