Andrea McLean – sexy weather girl photos.

1x1.trans Andrea McLean   sexy weather girl photos.

1x1.trans Andrea McLean   sexy weather girl photos.

Andrea McLean, 38, a GMTV weather girl, has been criticized for wearing a low top on Thursday’s morning show. The reporter joked that she showed a warm front to compensate for revealing the cold weather. Andrea’s fame included being a former contestant in Dancing On Ice, in 2006. She said that it was the hardest thing she did but she loved the experience.

1x1.trans Andrea McLean   sexy weather girl photos.

This was not the first time that GMTV female presenters were criticized over revealing cleavage. In 2007, the royal corsetiere, June Kenton, 71, told Lorraine Kelly that she had worn the wrong size of bra. However, Lorraine said that she was pleased with her compliments when she showed off her cleavage.

What do you think about Andrea’s bust? Is this acceptable on an early morning show where children might be present at the breakfast table?

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There’s a different kind of wardrobe malfunction here.


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