New Wonder Woman Megan Gale’s naked photos.

1x1.trans New Wonder Woman Megan Gale’s naked photos.

1x1.trans New Wonder Woman Megan Gale’s naked photos.

Megan Gale, an Australian model, will become the new Wonder Woman in the next W.W. movie. She successfully edged out fellow competitors like Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Erica Campbell. Critics have praised Megan’s beauty but expressed doubts in her acting abilities. Megan is tall and well built. The problem was that she was relatively unknown.

Supporters of the casting said that Megan was cast because of hopes that she would become as successful as her fellow Aussie, Hugh Jackman. Hugh was very successful when he played Wolverine in the X-men movies. This camp might be right as there were many Australians who had become mega stars after being plucked from unknown orgins.

The source has done research and unearthed naked photos of Megan Gale. For the NSFW photos, please click on their webpage. Then click on “Continued” to see the NSFW photos. You can click on their thumbnails to see the blow ups.

Source: Gone Hollywood

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