David Copperfield’s island sinks.

1x1.trans David Copperfields island sinks.

1x1.trans David Copperfields island sinks.

David Copperfield’s island, Musha Cay, is fast gaining a bad reputation for itself. Its property value might be sinking. People are asking about it since David Copperfield came under FBI investigation for an alleged crime that was committed there.

The FBI has interviewed employees from David’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International island resort. A newspaper reported that one key worker who was in charge of piloting passengers to the secluded island had personally spoke to David’s alleged victim. The woman confided in the pilot, Gary Luedke. She told him that something happened during her vacation at David’s island.

Now, luxury vacation agents are afraid that the bad publicity will hurt business in that area.

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Source: TMZ

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